Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Movie Contest

Email your answers to me by December 14th.
Prize: Your choice of these movies on DVD or Blue-Ray if available.

It's a Wonderful Life

1) How much money did Uncle Billy "lose" on Christmas Eve that he was to deposit?

2) Who played the rent collector or real estate man, and also played Mr. Bedloe on "Petticoat Junction"?

The Walton's Homecoming

3) What broken gift is Elizabeth given by the missionary to "the infidel's"?

4) What kind of cake does Olivia Walton try to make every Christmas?

5) Why do John Boy and Pastor Dooley go to the Baldwin sisters on Christmas Eve?

A Christmas Story

6) What happen's to the family's Christmas turkey?

7) What song is sung to them at Christmas dinner?

8) What word does Ralphie's dad mispronounce when he open's his prized prize package?

Christmas Comes to Willow Creek

9) Who is "handcuffed" to the truck? 

10) What city does Ray stop at to gamble while Pete's asleep?

11) What famous recipe is Ray known for?

12)  What "broke" in the truck as it hits the snow bank? Two possible answers for each.

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