Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pulled Pork Sandwiches
We buy a double package of pork shoulder/butt on the bone at the warehouse stores.  We take new foil pans and then spray them with Pam or spread butter in them and then rinse  the pork off and place it in the pan. We pour just a bit of broth or apple cider or both over all.  Not much. Then we pour bbq spice (we like McCormick Smokehouse Maple for pork) and brown sugar and salt and smokehouse pepper all over the top.  Then we put in cold oven and bake over night at about 325 degrees.  Pork should be falling apart when done and using a meat thermometer is recommended.  Sometimes it takes 12 or 13 hours or more, depending on your oven and the size of the pork.  When cool enough to touch, we shred the pork and put it in freezer bags as is, to throw in the crock pot for another time.  Or if we are using it that day, we put it in a crock pot right away.  Then we put more of the spice, brown sugar, broth or cider and a stick of butter in the crock pot with it. Yep, BUTTER!  Heat on low for a few hours.  Season to taste!  We like our pork moist and tender.  The broth and the butter do alot towards that also, with the reheating.  We serve bbq sauce and mayo on the side, as some like it plain.

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